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Mushiny provides indurtrial proven robot intelligent warehousing solutions for warehousing users, regardless of industry origin.​​​​​​​
  • Contribute to Build Your Own Automated Mobile Robot Solutions

    Synall - Expert of Robot Management Syste

    Synall, originating from Mushiny, is a renowned provider of mobile robot software solutions.​​​​​​​
    Synall, fully developed in-house by Mushiny, is a 100% open platform that supports multi-robot hybrid scheduling across various scenarios. It effortlessly manages AMR robots of different brands, supports VDA5050 & private protocols.
    Interneting of Everything, Synall can integrates various devices and third-party software systems, enable to customize scenario applications for clients. Taking the lead in adopting a new empowerment model, Synall Robot Management System creates customers a 100% autonomous, highly flexible, and cost-effective mobile robot management solutions.
  • Warehouse Automation Software

    iRMS-Intelligent Robot Management System

    · 100% open platform 
    · Create your own robot scheduling system 
    · Integrate mobile robots from any vendors
    iRMS is an easy-to-use, open protocol robot management system. It can integrate different automated mobile vehicles and enabling them to operate collaboratively in the same field.​​​​​​​
  • Say Goodbye to Uncertainty - Simulate Real Workflows with a Single Click


    iSimulator (SaaS)

    · iRMS and iSimulator are complementary 
    · Accurate simulation, real display 
    · Quick verification, precise decision
    Mushiny's proprietary iSimulator robot simulation system supports the simulation of real business workflows across various scenarios. It enables map importation, customization of mobile robot parameters, and configuration of actual business processes, providing valuable data for rapid iteration and optimization of project designs.​​​​​​​
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Mushiny Synall Robot Management System Experts, Empowering Customers To Build Their Own Mobile Robot Solutions

Synall, derived from Mushiny, is a well-known provider of mobile robot software solutions in the industry. Its fully self-developed open full-scenario multi-robot hybrid scheduling system can easily manage mobile robots from different brands, supporting VDA5050 and private protocols.

Mushiny solution is recognize by Cross-border E-commerce players according to latest CCTV news

With the support of technological innovation and model innovation, cross-border e-commerce has gained new vitality and has become a new driving force for foreign trade growth. Behind this, China's independently developed logistics robots are playing an important role. Recently, in a CCTV news report titled “From pilot to new growth pole, cross-border e-commerce development is blooming all the way”, Mushiny Intelligent’s logistics robot intelligent warehousing system was featured.

Mushiny's 3D Sorter Recognized for Pioneering Smart Logistics at The RBR50 Robotics Innovation Awards

On April 10th, the "2024 RBR50 Robotics Innovation Awards" honored Mushiny, the world's leading tech company specializing in intelligent logistics robotic systems, for its innovative 3D Sorter. This recognition highlights China's global innovation and marks a significant st

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