Mushiny Mobile Robot Software

Synall originated from Mushiny, is the well-known provider of mobile robot software solutions
Fully self-developed, 100%open, full-scene multi-robot hybrid scheduling system can easily manage mobile robots from different brands, supporting VDA5050 and private protocols.
Internet of Everything,supporting integrating different devices and third-party software systems,and supporting customers to
customize scenario application.
Mushiny leads then industry in adopting a new open architecture model to help customers have 100% autonomous, flexible and cost effective mobile robot solutions.

Gain Full Control of Your Entire MobileRobot in One Platform

· Freely select different brands of mobile robots
· Same user experience.Unified traffic control. path planning smart task allocation and charging/parking strategy

Seamlessly Integrate with Third-Party Systems

· Well designed modern APi for easy integratingwith (ERP, WMS, MES...)system

Support Decision-making with Simulation and Real-time Analysis

· 1:1 Simulator for decision-making and multi.dimension report and dashboard for real-timeanalysis

Easy to use, rapid deployment

· Intuitive Ul with online doc
· Docker-based onestop deployment for all OS. Nocode platform for flexible process changing

Safe, Stable and Efficient

· Fully corsider the safety of human-machine mixed operation
· High available to guarantee system stability
· Al algorithm to improve the efficiency

High Autonomous, Cost-effective

· Helps customer to build their own solutions with products provide professional training and support No need to build from scratch, gain rich know how and start the business form now on
Mushiny Sortation AMR · F50A Optimised Design
· F15*2 Highly Optimised Design
· F15*2 High Load
Mushiny Shelf AMR · Highly Optimised Design
· All-aluminum mechanical structure
· Two harmonic reducers, two external rotor motors, segmented chassis, stronger obstacle crossing ability.
Mushiny Shuttle AMR · Highly Reliable Mechanism
· Highly Optimised Design
· Low Structural Redundancy
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