Mushiny's 3D Sorter Recognized for Pioneering Smart Logistics at The RBR50 Robotics Innovation Awards

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Mushiny's 3D Sorter Recognized for Pioneering Smart Logistics at The RBR50 Robotics Innovation Awards

On April 10th, the "2024 RBR50 Robotics Innovation Awards" honored Mushiny, the world's leading tech company specializing in intelligent logistics robotic systems, for its innovative 3D Sorter. This recognition highlights China's global innovation and marks a significant step for Mushiny in smart warehouse logistics.

honor the top 50 robotics companies for their innovative leadership and solutions, advancing the industry and showcasing leaders in various robotics fields.

"The incredible products of this year's RBR50 winners represent the cutting edge of robotics technology and also raise the bar for the industry," said Steve Crowe, Robotics Executive Editor at WTWH Media.

Mushiny Advances Smart Logistics Tech Innovation

Public information shows the 3D Sorter overcomes sorting challenges beyond the capabilities of traditional methods, including handling spikes in business, sorting soft goods, documentation, fragile items like books, and traceable pharmaceuticals and food. The 3D Sorter's innovative achievements in the industry are mainly reflected in three aspects: high sorting efficiency, optimal ROI, and strong flexibility:

- Improvement in order fulfilment efficiency, with the highest efficiency exceeding 10,000 pph (up to 14,400 items per hour).

- Sorting efficiency increased by 3 to 5 times.

-Better ROI.

-Save 70% of space compared with the traditional cross belt sorter.

A recent review from the Robot Report said: “Mushiny's Intelligent 3D Sorter automates the picking process and enables warehouse operations to grow their batch or wave sizes. The Intelligent3D Sorter could fulfill many orders concurrently, as robots continuously transfer completed orders and buffer them as needed before dispatching.The combination of robots and human pickers could increase retail and e-commerce productivity, as well as efficiently process returns.”

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