Mushiny solution is recognize by Cross-border E-commerce players according to latest CCTV news

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Mushiny solution is recognize by Cross-border E-commerce players according to latest CCTV news

With the support of technological innovation and model innovation, cross-border e-commerce has gained new vitality and has become a new driving force for foreign trade growth. Behind this, China's independently developed logistics robots are playing an important role. Recently, in a CCTV news report titled “From pilot to new growth pole, cross-border e-commerce development is blooming all the way”, Mushiny Intelligent’s logistics robot intelligent warehousing system was featured.

It is reported that a well-known Chinese cross-border e-commerce company featured by CCTV decided to adopt an AMR intelligent handling system in its super factory, mainly to meet the growing and changing business needs, to realize flexible, on-demand production, and especially for cross-border e-commerce operations, which require a system with great flexibility and scalability.

The total area of the project exceeds 15,000 square meters and involves 7 SKUs. In view of the different materials being transported, Mushiny’s customized vehicle design capabilities enable the best cross-floor material handling; Synall iRMS, an open and interconnected full-scenario hybrid scheduling system, helps the e-commerce company achieve “just-in-time” automated production, easily capable of global deployment. Mushiny Intelligence provides full-process AMR services from warehousing, storage, and outbound delivery, and offers "tailor-made" optimized solutions based on business needs.


It is particularly worth mentioning that Mushiny’s program design pays great attention to practical needs. In view of the different sizes and specifications of raw materials and processed parts for cross-border e-commerce, and the large differences in body shape and weight of different SKUs, Mushiny Intelligent has specially designed and customized 4 types of vehicles to easily realize efficient, punctual, and flexible transportation of various materials. The all-scenario hybrid scheduling system iRMS, which is easy to use and deploy, easily realizes the scheduling of various AMRs and the connection with other automation equipment; ultimately helping customers achieve the goal of cost reduction and efficiency improvement, and it also completely solves the customer's difficulty in recruiting and employing workers.


Zijie He, General Manager of the Domestic Division at Mushiny, said,“Mushiny’s completely open iRMS can be connected to various systems and can easily handle various complex cross-floor transportation and docking with automatic doors. In addition, Mushiny’s rich practical project experience, in this project, Mushiny was also responsible for the overall design of the vertical warehouse, closely integrating the high-level storage of the vertical warehouse with AGV cross-layer transportation, so that the intelligent vertical warehouse replaced the warehouse manager, allowing more than 200 kinds of cloth raw materials to be stored in an orderly manner. These advantages are the reasons why Mushiny was selected, and now that the e-commerce giant's overseas route 'blooms' has been nominated by CCTV, Mushiny is deeply honored to be a part of it."


Founded in 2016, Mushiny Intelligence, as the world's leading expert in logistics robot intelligent systems, focuses on providing customized, efficient, and flexible AMR handling solutions for the entire process of China's cross-border e-commerce giants.

"The 3D Sorter, the industry's first intelligent seeding system released by Mushiny last year, mainly solves many problems that cannot be met by traditional manual seeding walls or other automated operations in the order seeding process. It has high sowing efficiency (14,400PPH) and optimal ROI, strong flexibility; it is particularly suitable for cross-border e-commerce application scenarios. Mushiny looks forward to providing more and better product technologies and solutions for the industry." Zijie He expressed his views on the application of innovative technology in the field of cross-border e-commerce. The application prospects are full of confidence.


In recent years, cross-border e-commerce has shown strong growth momentum. From January to February 2024, cross-border e-commerce import and export increased by nearly 10%. In 2023, China's cross-border e-commerce imports and exports reached 2.38 trillion yuan, an increase of 15.6%, which is 15.4 percentage points higher than the national import and export growth rate; cross-border e-commerce entities continue to grow, and the number of enterprises nationwide with foreign trade import and export performance has reached 64.5 thousand businesses, including more than 100,000 cross-border e-commerce entities; cross-border e-commerce’s share of China’s import and export of goods trade has increased from 1% in 2015 to 5.7% today.

This year's "Government Work Report" even proposed to promote the healthy development of new business formats such as cross-border e-commerce, optimize the layout of overseas warehouses, support the upgrading of processing trade, and expand new growth points such as intermediate goods trade and green trade.

Public information shows that Mushiny Intelligence has two major business divisions: the Intelligent Warehousing Division provides customers with customized intelligent warehousing solutions and provides 60-day rapid delivery worldwide. The Standard Products Division is an expert in robot chassis customization, providing a variety of software and hardware services to partners and customers with development capabilities. Up to now, Mushiny has about 200 employees, its business covers more than 20 developed countries and regions, and its overseas market share accounts for 50%.

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