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Cold chain warehousing faces unique challenges that require specialized intelligent solutions to ensure product integrity and safety. At Mushiny, we understand that the special environments of cold chain warehouses (from refrigerated to ultra-low temperatures) pose challenges beyond those in other industries. Therefore, we focus on the following key points to create an intelligent warehousing system suitable for the cold chain industry:
  • Temperature Environment:
Ultra-low temperatures present significant challenges for intelligent warehousing systems, particularly affecting the hardware and software of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) and management systems. AMRs in cold environments require specially designed components such as cold-resistant batteries, motors, and sensors to maintain efficiency at low temperatures; standard lubricants may thicken or freeze under such conditions, which must be considered in AMR design. Software algorithms must also adapt to slower operational speeds and potential delays caused by the cold. Additionally, enhanced safety monitoring and fault diagnosis become crucial for quickly identifying and resolving any malfunctions caused by low temperatures. These challenges need comprehensive consideration to ensure the overall performance and reliability of intelligent storage solutions in ultra-low temperature settings.
  • Efficiency and Accuracy:
Products in cold environments often have varying expiration dates requiring meticulous date management to enhance picking efficiency and accuracy.

Mushiny’s tailor-made AMR/Pod-based solution utilizes a state-of-the-art robotic WMS system specifically designed for cold chain logistics to automate cold storage warehouses. Mushiny has developed many partnerships within the global cold chain industry. Our collaboration with Monde Nissin in Australia involves managing both chilled and frozen spaces within their Melbourne warehouse. This solution has enhanced inventory visibility, enabled effective expiry date management, and significantly improved picking efficiency and accuracy; another successful implementation at a pharmaceutical cold storage facility in Beijing, China addressed challenges such as recruiting operational staff for cold environments through automation—reducing labor input, saving land costs, and enhancing overall automation as well as labor efficiency. The facility operates across temperature zones from -20℃ to -5℃, demonstrating our system’s robust capability in handling extreme conditions.

Mushiny is confident in its ability to provide intelligent solutions for cold chain warehouses, helping businesses enhance operational efficiency and reduce costs! We are your trusted partner when navigating the complexities of cold chain logistics—customize your smart warehouse solution with us today!
Successful Stories in the Cold Chain Industry

Customer Introduction

Monde Nissin is a global family run food business with over 35 years experience in 45 countries and 3,000 staff members.
In Australia Monde Nissin is the distributor of a number of iconic Australian food brands.


An AMR/Pod based solution utilizing Mushiny's state of the art Robot WMS system covering both temperature chambers

Customer Challenge

Warehouse in Melbourne included chilled and frozen spaces;
Staff costs in Australia are relatively high;
Low picking efficiency;
Difficulties in stock management accuracy;
Product has varying expiry dates and requires strong date management

Customer Value

Exceptional visibility of stock for expiry date management ;
Enhanced picking efficiency;
Enhanced picking accuracy;
Significant reduction in complexity of operations
Successful Stories in the Cold Chain Industry

Customer Introduction

Pharmaceutical cold storage in Beijing, China


80㎡, 4 sets of Mushiny T series AMR, 2 sets of charging piles; 1 inbound docking space; 1 outbound docking space; 25 cold storage shelf storage spaces

Customer Challenge

Difficulty in recruiting operational staff for cold storage operations
The need to comply with national drug management measures: full traceability of drugs
Demand for cross-temperature operations at -20℃ and -5℃

Customer Value

Reduce labor input
Saving land cost
Improve automation as well as labor efficiency
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